Wavelengths Recovery is a comprehensive treatment center that helps individuals who are struggling with addiction

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers


We will work with each participant, adhering to an individualized care plan, to help enhance self-awareness, heighten understanding of what triggers their particular addiction, provide the tools to live a peaceful, meaningful and rewarding sober life and support them all along the way. Our hope is to thereby reduce the impact of drug and alcohol abuse amongst our participants, their families and our communities.


We adhere to a structured and active program based on the community being the treatment agent and mutual peer self-help (Each One, Teach One). The comprehensive treatment model encompasses four recovery process stages: admission; primary treatment and assessment; development and implementation of individualized care plan; and independent life skills learning. The stage format allows gradual progress, rewarding improvement with increased independence and responsibility. Goals, objectives, and expected outcomes are established for each stage and are integrated with goals specific to each participant in an individual treatment plan. Staff members function as role models, rational authorities, and guides.

A Unique Approach:

At Wavelengths Recovery, we provide our participants with the finest, most comprehensive treatment and multiple levels of care. Our treatment programs include Detoxification, Residential, and Intensive Outpatient Treatment. We apply years of experience in alcohol and substance abuse treatment to provide an all-inclusive and unique approach to treatment. Our customized approach is individualized for each participant in our inpatient and outpatient programs to allow for the greatest outcomes. We work in partnership with the most knowledgeable and respected treatment professionals in Orange County to prepare our participants with the tools and guidance they need to successfully reintegrate into the community.


Treating Mind, Body & Spirit


  • Daily group therapy including: relapse prevention, art therapy, music therapy and more.
  • Individualized therapy with one of our highly skilled Licensed Clinicians.
  • Option to live in one of our beautiful transitional living homes with live-in staff and semi-private rooms.
  • Job and vocational skills training.
  • Daily meditation walks.
  • All-inclusive gym and fitness training including yoga and martial arts therapy.
  • Fun and focused weekend outings (beach, park, events, movies, golf, bowling, etc.).
  • Positive and encouraging environment.
  • Self Help Meetings (Including 12-Step).
  • Nutritional daily meals focused for a healthy lifestyle.
  •  Activities to help promote self-confidence.
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Our Staff

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Warren Boyd

Wavelengths Recovery’s Chief Executive Officer, Warren Boyd is an extreme interventionist and addiction specialist. Boyd has helped thousands for the last 25 years get on a sober path. A recovering addict himself, Boyd’s time in prison and ultimate choice to get clean gave him a unique insight into the minds of addicts. His personal knowledge of their problems, unconventional means of intervention and 24-hour service, led his humble counseling practice to a large network of private rehab centers, reportedly treating such public figures as Courtney Love, Mel Gibson, Whitney Houston and Robert Downey Jr.


His extreme and remarkable methods have been covered by Oprah¸ FOX News, NY Daily News, and an A&E documentary on his very real, highly secretive world of extreme intervention and hands-on treatment. Boyd’s personal story became the inspiration and foundation of A&E’s gritty drama “The Cleaner,” starring Benjamin Bratt.

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