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Warren Boyd - Best drug and alcohol interventionist

Warren Boyd

Chief Executive Officer


Wavelengths Recovery’s Chief Executive Officer, Warren Boyd is an extreme interventionist and addiction specialist. Boyd has helped thousands for the last 25 years get on a sober path. A recovering addict himself, Boyd’s time in prison and ultimate choice to get clean gave him a unique insight into the minds of addicts. His personal knowledge of their problems, unconventional means of intervention and 24-hour service, led his humble counseling practice to a large network of private rehab centers, reportedly treating such public figures as Courtney Love, Mel Gibson, Whitney Houston and Robert Downey Jr.


His extreme and remarkable methods have been covered by Oprah¸ FOX News, NY Daily News, and an A&E documentary on his very real, highly secretive world of extreme intervention and hands-on treatment. Boyd’s personal story became the inspiration and foundation of A&E’s gritty drama “The Cleaner,” starring Benjamin Bratt.


Boyd’s story is one of crime, redemption and ultimately success, as his rehab centers and television show help more and more people each day. Raised in Northern California, Warren Boyd’s early years were riddled with trouble and addiction. By age of 32, he had nine DUI convictions and spent five years in prison. Addicted to both alcohol and cocaine, Boyd had been in and out of 26 rehab programs with zero success. According to Boyd, “no one could talk any sense into me.” The turning point that would ultimately change him and eventually lead to his professional life today occurred in 1990; the birth of Boyd’s first child completely changed the way he saw the world. He realized the first time he held his infant daughter that he must achieve sobriety. With 15 more months to serve in prison, Boyd began attending 12-step meetings and started to get clean. During his most chaotic time of heavy drinking and drug use, he realized he trusted no one. The only thing he could trust was something intangible…something he couldn’t see. He called it God – it was easier to trust something invisible as it was not going to come banging on his door. Boyd’s spiritual awakening was triggered by the birth of his daughter and it led him to believe that whatever you choose, whatever you call it, you need some sort of contact – someone to talk to, someone to understand you.


Once released from prison, Boyd vowed to devote his life to helping others break the cycle of addiction. He has said “It doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity, a law professor or a construction worker. Addiction is a struggle for everyone.” Boyd’s experience with his own addictions and new-found sobriety taught him that sometimes addiction intervention calls for extreme actions. His “do-whatever-it-takes” method has helped thousands, from celebrities to civilians, break the vicious cycle of addiction and stay clean. For nearly two decades now, Boyd and his team have rescued other addicts through intervention. He notes, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”


Contributing to his current success, Boyd has served as a key consultant in the planning and implementation of numerous residential drug treatment facilities to include Walden House (for addicts and ex-convicts) and Prototypes (supportive treatment and transitional housing for mothers and children). Boyd’s experiences and intimate knowledge of addiction has made him an expert in such areas as drug use prevention, physiological effects of drug and alcohol use, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, effects of drug use on family units, suicide prevention and channels of rehabilitation. Hollywood has embraced Boyd and his unconventional methods. For 2 years, Boyd served as co-executive producer of A&E’s “The Cleaner”, a series that was based on Boyd’s real-life persona. His intention for “The Cleaner” and his other TV projects in development are to show people things that they do not know to look for – or perhaps do not know about – to help them with their loved ones. His overall message is trust the process…the process of people trying to help other people.


As Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Wavelengths Recovery, Boyd currently has a span of control over nine sober living homes, a State certified outpatient facility and two State licensed residential treatment centers.

Justin Bio-2

Justin Helwig

President/Chief Operating Officer


Justin Helwig is the President/Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Wavelengths Recovery and more importantly Father and Dad to India Rose Helwig, 11. Justin was born in Athens, Georgia where he attended the University of Georgia business school. He moved to Southern California at the age of 23 on a soccer scholarship, only to jump right into the financial industry, where he worked his way through various areas of mortgage banking and real estate, including owning and operating a few of his own companies along the way. In 2009, Justin took over operations and growth of a privately held mortgage company in Irvine, CA.


The detail-oriented, ruthlessly competitive and generous nature of Helwig, led him to build a massive company known as Greenlight Financial from an emerging industry. Justin assumed the role of President with a total staff of 35 people, producing 60 million per month in the residential mortgage loan volume. With his diverse skillset and natural ability to lead, coupled with an innate competitive drive, Justin was able to aggressively grow the company from 35 employees to over 1,000 and from 60 million in monthly volume to 1.2 billion monthly in just 4 years. With Justin’s unique ability to strategically scale, attract top talent, and implement an intoxicating culture and leadership style, Greenlight became the number one direct lender in California and one of the top 10 lenders in the entire nation.


In May of 2013, Greenlight was acquired by the largest non-bank servicer in the US, Nationstar Mortgage out of Dallas, Texas. Justin stayed on with Nationstar, after the acquisition in the role of SVP of production in charge of the Irvine and Dallas offices, which encompassed over 2,200 employees where he continued his education and experience of P&L management, leadership, and strategic planning and growth. Having been in the mortgage banking and real estate industry for over 15 years, Justin had come to a crossroads and yearned to do more with his learned skills and experience.


Having grown up in a religious environment under the teachings of a Father and Mother who directed the missions program at their church and taught English and reading overseas, Justin had philanthropy and passion for helping others in his blood. The random meeting between Justin and Warren sparked a unique partnership and mix of strengths that created what Wavelengths is today, which is nothing short of a movement in the behavioral health and addiction recovery industry. With Justin’s background in finance, real estate deal making, corporate structuring and strategic planning, he and Warren have been able to build the infrastructure and roadmap for aggressive expansion to widen the net to touch and save more lives. Justin actively gives back to the community and is the founder of All Heart, a nonprofit organization, serving persons suffering with addiction, underprivileged children and victims of domestic violence. His “heart knows no bounds” philosophy will be portrayed in all facets of what he does in his community outreach.

Regina Armstrong - Wavelengths Recovery

Regina Armstrong
Executive Director

Regina Armstrong is the Executive Director of Wavelengths Recovery. She previously worked for Orange County Children and Family Services. Having helped hundreds of children safely reunite with their recovering parents, she understands firsthand the importance of addiction treatment, approaching each individual with the concern and insight necessary to alleviate the difficulties in deciding to seek treatment.


While at the County, Regina worked in Adoptions, Emergency Response and Program Integrity. She was at the forefront of child abuse, investigating hundreds of cases, removing children when necessary and reporting to the OC Juvenile Court. Specifically, she served as the Out-stationed Senior Social Worker for both Newport Beach and Santa Ana Police Departments. As a public servant, Regina developed, implemented and oversaw a collaboration project between OC Social Services and all 27 law enforcement jurisdictional agencies.


Regina interfaced and collaborated with multiple community partners, such as Juvenile Justice Commission, Youth Law Center, and Community Care Licensing. She was selected to represent the County on numerous multidisciplinary teams, such as the OC Coalition of Human Trafficking and Gang Reduction Intervention Program. In addition, she has served as a Children and Family Services Liaison with the Safe Families organization in the OC Superior Court Domestic Violence Program, focused on intervention and prevention of domestic violence.  Her last stop in her County career was managing the Appeals Department within Program Integrity. She oversaw a team of staff, whom conducted State and County hearings, ensuring a fair and equitable process for all Orange County claimants involved in the hearing and civil rights complaint processes.  In addition, she served as a Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) Hearings Grievance Review Officer, providing a due process for individuals contesting their name on the California Department of Justice (DOJ) index.


Regina earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of California, Irvine and a Masters in Social Worker from San Diego State University.  Expanding her knowledge and experience, she also attained a California Real Estate License, enhancing her contract writing and business skills. She completed years of extensive leadership training from the University of California, Davis in Human Resources, management and leadership. She is bi-lingual, fluent in English and Spanish.


After nearly two decades working in child welfare, Regina has found her home at Wavelengths Recovery, where she has oversight of all departmental heads; continuous quality assurance; compliance; and organizational systems.

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